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Romania Missions Team News

Jul 10 2012

Event Details

Thank you for praying for our Romania Missions Team. They arrived home safely on Wednesday night. Here are the daily logs received from Pastor Joe.

Day 1: Tuesday, July 10th
7:30am--First plane out of San Francisco delayed. It's going to be a long day. Pray for patience.

9:00am--Our plane from San Fran to Chicago was delayed which meant that we would miss our connections. We chose to not get on that plane and got re-booked direct to Frankfurt. Leaving San Fran at 2pm. Which will get us to Budapest at 2:15pm tomorrow and we will miss our train. All has been re-booked and we will get to Arad at around midnight tomorrow. Keep praying. Team is in great spirits.

Day 2: Wednesday, July 11th
8:00am--Hello everybody. We are in Budapest. It has been a long two days. Team is very tired but enjoying some down time at a mall before a 7pm train to Arad. Pray for strength as we will get there at 12:30 am and then up early for a service project. Thanks for so much for your support and to our Romanian friends we are almost there.

2:30pm--(12:30am Thursday, Arad, Romania time) Hello friends. We made it!!!!  The team is really excited. Tomorrow we will do a work project. Pray for God's amazing strength to pull us through. More later. We are exhausted.

Day 3: Thursday, July 12th
Good Morning from Arad. It's Friday morning and I am sure most of our team is waking up a little sore from our landscaping work project yesterday.  We worked long and hard in some hot weather. Pray for good spirits today when we get together in about two hours. I am sure last night was the best sleep we had since we left.  I know we, at our house, were in bed by 10pm and most probably sooner. Today we get to go to Timisioara which is about an hour drive. This is the place where the Revolution started and we will be standing on the steps of city hall where the people rose up against communism. Today may be eye opening for a lot of our team including Kelly and I who have never done this tour. I pray this will give us all a bigger heart for our ministry here. Relationships with the Romanians are already forming and that should continue today as they take us today. Pray for our band who will have their first practice tonight with Oti and Iulia who will be singing and playing with them at camp. I will update again tonight or tomorrow. All in all our team is doing great, pray for us to continue to be unified today as a team and with the Romanian leaders we are hanging out with.  Thanks. Joe

Day 4: Friday, July 13
Good morning from Arad. It's Saturday and today we get to tour Arad and find out more about these great Romanian people. Yesterday was very eye opening as we stood on the steps of the church where the revolution started. There is not much info of those exact events but they know that many lost their lives and you could still see gunshot holes on buildings. It was interesting to a lot of our team that most young people don't know much about it. But I will tell you our team is falling in love with this country and is excited for church tonight, they all love their host families. Pray for some fruitful ministry to start tonight as we will meet some people going to camp. We appreciate your prayers. If you have your mask pictures that I talked about in church on Sunday. Please email them to me, joe@tbclodi.com today or tomorrow because I am not sure of Internet access during camp. All in all we are doing great.  Thanks Joe

Day 5: Saturday, July 14
Update from Romania. We leave for camp in the morning (Sunday). Please pray for us to have safe travel, great conversations and that the Holy Spirit speaks to many hearts this week both from our team and the Romanians. Thanks. Joe

Day 7: Monday, July 16 (via text--internet at camp is not reliable)
We are safe at camp. We are getting the lay of the land and building great relationships. Pray for chapel tonight as I speak on our theme "Reveal." Our team will have no internet access while we are here. Hopefully, I will soon. Thanks. Joe

Day 8: Tuesday, July 17
Good afternoon from camp. Last night (Monday) went awesome. One of my dreams came true to see our worship team leading with Romanians. "How Great is Our God" almost brought tears to my eyes. Pray for continued unity in worship. Last night Kelly shared her testimony during my talk and this morning Deana shared at morning chapel. Pray that these stories will affect the campers to be revealed. Pray also for our team, we are half way and some are getting tired, so pray for God's strength. Thank you. Joe

Day 9: Wednesday, July 18
Good afternoon from camp. God is really working on a lot of people. Please pray, though, for those who are closed to His message. We have about 30 non-believers and would love to see them have their hearts open. Tonight we will separate the guys and girls and talk through some purity and relationship things. Pray for Stacie, Adam, and RJ as they give their testimonies. Thanks. Joe

Day 10: Thursday night, July 19
Good morning from camp (Friday). Today is our final day of camp. Pray for the team as we run the great race. Pray that God would continue to break hearts. Some made a decision to follow Christ last night but some are still resisting. Tonight we share about being God's coinage. Joe

Day 12: Saturday, July 21
Packing up to leave from camp. It has been an amazing week. Our ministry is not done. We still have church in Arad tonight and tomorrow. Check it out online. They should all have Internet access by 10pm tonight. Keep praying. God is sooo good and is enough. Joe

Day 13: Sunday, July 22 (Monday morning, Romania)
Last update from Arad. Man what a great trip. We had about 10 people accept Christ for the first time and many others had seeds planted.  I want to thank all of you for your prayers during this past week. They were definitely needed. I have never experienced spiritual warfare like this year at camp. The enemy was at work but OUR GOD IS GREATER, OUR GOD IS STRONGER. Our team is now headed on a train to Budapest for 2 days of debrief. Please pray for this very important time, to understand what we have learned and think about how to tell our stories. Our hearts fell in love with our friends here and we are going to miss them a lot. Pray for our safe travels. We will be back in Lodi by Wednesday night. God did a great work in Romania and in our hearts. Keep up the great prayer. Joe

Please download the calendar below and use it to pray daily for the team!

Romania Prayer Calendar