Temple Baptist Church

A North American Baptist Church
801 S. Lower Sacramento Road
Lodi, California 95242

Prayer Line: 209.369.1956

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM
Bible Classes: 10:30 AM

We have childcare available at all services.

Next Sunday

Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018
Sermon Series: "Just Plain Folks Like Us"
Sermon Title: "The Power of Simple Service"
Sermon Text: Acts 9:36-42
Speaker: Pastor Perry Kallis
Worship Leader: Marshall McLuhan

Join us this week for Lodi Christian School Partnership Sunday! It all begins with a Pancake Breakfast at 9:00am in the Children's Center Gymnasium where pancakes and sausages along with coffee and orange juice will be served by the Lodi Christian School Parent/Teacher Network. Following breakfast at 10:30am, we will assemble in our worship center where we will worship together and hear from students, parents and teachers from Lodi Christian. All families are invited to attend this special morning! Here's what my message is all about this Sunday:

"We have a wonderful group of women in our church who each week preach the gospel using sewing machines and thread – they are called “Quilters”. Admittedly we don’t often connect the saving of souls with sewing, but much of the proceeds of their work goes to missions of one kind or another. We have that exact example in the life of an ordinary person named Tabitha in the Bible. Her life (and death... and life) makes the powerful point that doing small things that serve God faithfully accomplishes the main thing significantly."