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Father's Day - 2017


Sermon Date: 
Sunday, June 18, 2017
Joe Broesamle


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Sermon Topic: I am excited to be able to open God’s Word with you to the life of Peter.  I have thought about this Father’s Day message for a while now, and I feel God settled me in on talking to you about one of the manliest men in the Bible. Usually, when someone talks about the “manliest” man in the Bible, they think of David because he killed lions and giants. However, I would like to give that title to Peter because of how he fell and rose up.  Peter failed in one horrific moment when he denied knowing Jesus and then rose up after Jesus ascended. Because of that, over 5000 people believed. Peter’s legacy goes beyond one sermon, one miracle or one upside down crucifixion; his legacy is us, the church, the men and women who make up TBC.

Scripture Verses: Luke 5:1-11 , Matthew 14:22-33 , John 21:1-8 ; Worship Song List: Click here