Temple Baptist Church

A North American Baptist Church
801 S. Lower Sacramento Road
Lodi, California 95242

Prayer Line: 209.369.1956

Service Times

Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM & 10:30 AM
Bible Classes: 10:30 AM

We have childcare available at all services.

Living Holy in a Hostile World

“Running through a rain storm without getting wet” ... “Walking through a desert without getting dust.” ... “Living in this sinful world without being tainted by sin”. File these statements under the category – Things we find almost impossible. We who are Christ-followers recognize that the American culture around us has shifted recently. Christianity was once accepted and acknowledged; then it became ignored as irrelevant, now it is often openly opposed. Fortunately, much of the New Testament was written to address the great opportunity to live effective, godly lives even in these hostile times. We begin a new series in 1 Peter that declares truth for exactly our times.

Sermons in This Series

Title Speaker Sermon Date
Are You Humble Enough to Win a Fight? Perry Kallis Apr 23 2017
A Message From Your Flight Crew Perry Kallis Mar 26 2017
Rejoice in Suffering... Are You Kidding Me Perry Kallis Mar 19 2017
Productive Living While You Wait Perry Kallis Mar 12 2017
Amazing Ourselves on Purpose Perry Kallis Mar 5 2017
Keep On Keeping On Perry Kallis Feb 26 2017
Being a Wonderful Witness When I Don’t Wanna Perry Kallis Feb 19 2017
Walking with God Rather Than Kicking the Cat Perry Kallis Feb 5 2017
Keeping My "I" On You Perry Kallis Jan 29 2017
It's Real Work to Serve While Suffering Perry Kallis Jan 22 2017
God’s Answer to Religion and Politics Perry Kallis Jan 15 2017
How Are We Being Built? Perry Kallis Jan 10 2017
God’s Word Feeds a Holy Hunger Perry Kallis Nov 13 2016
A “Born-Again” Kind of Love Perry Kallis Nov 6 2016
Living Hopefully, Wholeheartedly and Holy Perry Kallis Oct 30 2016
The Wonder of Salvation Perry Kallis Oct 23 2016
Living Holy With A Secured Inheritance Perry Kallis Oct 9 2016
Living Holy in a Hostile World Perry Kallis Oct 2 2016